those early years I threw away

and hours just seem so few

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Icons by bloodycullen
Blood Bath Icons

Welcome to Bloodbath Icons, bloodycullen's (or Rikku's) icon journal. Not just icons either, but other graphics such as "Friends Only" banners, headers, mood themes, and *dun dun DUN* PSP (Playstation Portable) backgrounds! Yeah, didn't see that last part coming, did'cha? Unfortunately, this journal is pretty new, so not all the before-mentioned items will be up right off the bat, but I promise to get to work ASAP.

Here's some rules:
o1. Feel free to use anything posted here (unless stated otherwise), but follow the singular rules that accompany the entry.
o2. DO NOT redistribute any of my graphics and claim them as your own, and do not repost any of my graphics without my permission (though more likely than not I'll say no).
o3. If you should want to use any of my graphics offsite (off LiveJournal) please link back to bloodbathicons.

That's all folks! Enjoy!

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"I play the leading man, who else?"
-- Balthier Bunansa, Final Fantasy XII